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Pinstriping your car is one of the ways to add extra admiration and beauty to it. This process involves spray treatment your car gets.

Spray paints and pinstriping tape are used. The result is a classic, great, and flashy look. Also, you can apply an extended design known as custom car paint pinstriping. This process can be done on car sides by creating simple and yet beautiful designs. You can paint the car body or trunk of the car. These are the steps:

Wash your car thoroughly

You should ensure the car is very clean before starting this process. Wash your car with water. This will remove particles, grime, and dust that has accumulated on your car body.

Use Grease and Wax

These two chemicals are important in wiping your car clean. You must use grease and wax particularly in the areas where you will paint designs. This is necessary to remove fingerprints and extra oil, which is likely to cause imperfections when applying custom car pinstriping designs.

Draw specimen picture

This is important to get a beautiful pinstripe. You can draw the picture you want to paper. This will guide you to apply your colors and designs. Take the time to practice and master the process effectively.

Apply the paint

Use tip of the brush in smooth, steady motion. This type of motion is ideal to get a nice job. You should start painting from the front side, halt when you are near the front door and front fender. Observe your work whether you have done it perfectly.

Avoid distractions

This is necessary to get straight pinstriping. Resume your task and take a break when at the rear end. Always ensure your pinstripe is professional and straight. This should be the reason not to hurry on the job.


Give your car about 24 hours for it to dry. This is important as early driving may cause distortions in the designs.

Safety tips

You are advised to wear the right PPE while carrying out the job.Pinstriping tape 2 After doing pinstriping, leave your car for a month before waxing.

Understanding the above basics is important to every person who is about to start pinstriping. You need to create designs, which are perfect. Therefore, choose colors that are beautiful and stand out. This will make your car unique from the rest. Look at base colors of the car and select colors that will complement it. Always make your car unique as you.…

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