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When welding using a welding magnet, you should know its component to enable you do a good job when working. Those experts who have mastered these components have been able to enhance their profession by knowing how to be the best at welding.

  1. Ground cableWelding Magnet 01

A ground cable is vital when joining to welding point together because it will never conduct a current without perfect ground during welding. This will also enable you to weld the given two points perfectly.

  1. Shroud

A Shroud or Nozzle is located on the end of your welding gun. You can always attach it by screwing it on a gun’s threaded end. This nozzle/shroud is will shield gas during welding as you join two points together.

  1. Welding gun

A welding gun is usually attached to the coaxial style cable to offer a smooth gas flow and wire feed when joining two points. It is also the tip of your spear when welding. The welding gun will ensure that the wire has a proper flow of gas to allowing proper welding.

  1. Gooseneck

A gooseneck will allow extra support for the flexibility and connection needed to allow your gun to fit into the restricted spaces where you require welding. This means you will always increase your accuracy when welding to enhance efficiency. It will also enhance the durability of the two points that you have joined.


  1. MIG gun liner

MIG Gun Liner will allow you to run along the internal and length of an MIG welding gun/magnet.

The liner will allow wire metal medium to pass on its way the contact tip. Through this process, it will simplify your welding process.

Feed rollers often feed the wire mechanically alongside the welding gun. This ultimately facilitates your welding process to enhance efficiency.

  1. Magnet contact tip and holder

The metal wire that is melted and energized to join several pieces of metal often comes in via a welding gun using the contact tip.

This will always have an easy time when welding at the same time increasing efficiency. The holder is located behind a contact tip, and it holds the welding medium to be melted during the process. You need to buy the right holder is you want to have an easy time when welding.

The above are the six common components of a welding magnet that you should know when planning to buy one from the market.…

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